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V.D.S Tetbury

V.D.S Tetbury, unit 9, Old Quarry Ind est, newton road, Tetbury, GL8 8XA

Tel-- 01666 504081

At VDS we can tune your vehicle to its full potential reliably and safely.

Not only can we recalibrate manufacturers original fitment ECU but also standalone/aftermarket management..

We have the facilities to undertake tricore ecu's as fitted in many BMW'S,VAG GROUP to name a few, which more and more are being made accessible via the obd port..

We can unlock ecu's using patch files especially found on the common rail 1.6 tdi VAG group engines, this must be performed to enable access through the OBD port..

We can supply and fit Hybrid turbos, for example pd170 based plug and play applications for PD based VAG group engines..

We can supply GTB2260, GT2056,GT1756 to name a few, we can offer advice on which turbo application would be best for your requirements..

Along side this we can upgrade and recalibrate the map sensor as running a larger turbo along with more boost will exceed the threshold of the standard map sensor.

For example 3BAR map sensor, the first 1000 millibar is atmospheric pressure then the 2 bar is '29psi boost', in this instance we will install a 4 bar map sensor as with for example a gtb2260 turbo you can safely run 2.3/2.4 bar of boost.. which needs to be monitored and controlled correctly.

We can source, supply and fit upgraded fuel syetem parts, for example Injector Nozzles for PD engines, the old ahu and 1z engines.

When these nozzles are fitted they require the software tuning as in relation to amount of fuel injected, which done through various table contained in the ecu 'Injector duration' Start of injection(Injector timing window) and drivers wish map..

These need to be calibrated correctly or the end result will be high exhaust gas temperatures and plumes of black smoke(unburnt fuel)..